New Snowboarding Lego
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I just bought new lego. Snowboarding Lego!
And since I haven't bought any new lego for over 10 years, I thought it deserved a webpage, especially since it's snowboarding stuff.
How cool is this? 2 little lego snowboarders, and a terrain park for them to play in. Apparently it's one of the new Gravity Sports series, which leads me to believe it features the use of Gravity. As far as I know, they also have Ice Hockey, Basketball, Soccer and Skateboarding.
You can see here, the way it has little launcher-tray thingos, to start the snowboarders from, and a little ramp you can flip too. If I bought the other snowboarding half-pipe lego set, and the skateboard bowl, I could join all three together to form.... SUPER TERRAIN PARK - with a half-pipe and table-top. I only think it'd be worth it if the other 2 sets were free. The snowboarder in the half-pipe set does look cooler than my slalom guys though...
I'd like to buy the Sports Commentators set, as depicted in the bottom right corner, but I don't think it exists in real life :(
First thing I did was put the little guys together. How cool are they ?!
Racing Bibs, Goggles, Helmets and wicked-ass boards
They can ride goofy and do front-grabs
They can ride straight and do back-grabs
(my macro-shooting abilities seem to be a little lacking too)
They can even ride their boards like toboggans!
After following the instructions like a little kid - carefully counting the little lego-lumps, I had a fully assembled snowboarding terrain park.
With the little movable launch-stalls
and flippy-ramps to jump off and get some serious air
I did have some pieces left over though.
The bits on the right are obviously spares, since they're the little easy-to-lose type of pieces.
On re-reading the instructions, the red piece is used when I want to build the alternate set - which is a see-saw type arrangement where the whole terrain park rocks left and right on the big support legs. I don't think I'll be building that one.
The blue piece however, is a mystery.
It's not used in the instructions anywhere, and it's a fairly specific type of piece, so I really don't know why I have it
Here they are, ready to race!
Come on down little boarders!
Hrrm, that's not how it works - Ouch!
Do these Lego Gravity Games even work?
Ahh, there we go!
Ride little dude, ride the powder!
Oww, he caught an edge
Time for a 1 on 1 race
Blue wins again!
Time for Red to get some air-time
"Is that a challenge?" counters Blue
I wonder who's hurting more, Red with a broken back, or Blue who's just face-planted
Time to go rebuild my ambulance and paramedic lego guys